Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Plans for Today

Today is grocery day - UGH! I hate shopping for groceries. I'll take fun shopping any old day; you know, for clothes, jewelry, crafts, Christmas or birthday presents! LOL Anyway, I'm leaving in a few minutes to do my grocery shopping. I've found that going in the morning is much less stressful. Seems like all the loonies are out in the afternoon and evening, the ones who block the whole aisle with their buggies or stand chatting with an old friend while you try to work your way through the maze of moms and kids standing around. In the morning it's the sweet little old ladies! Maybe I like them better because I'm getting closer to being one myself!

Anyway . . . I plan to walk this afternoon after lunch, and I need to get my desk and credenza completely cleared so we can take pictures to sell them. The inside is another story! Tonight we have a long practice for the cantata we're in this year. The performance is Sunday.

So those are my plans for today. What do you have going on today?

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Tammy said...

I have to go shopping tomorrow. Oh joy! I do not like shopping either!