Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Computer Has Died

It appears that my computer's hard drive has given up the ghost. It's at the computer doctor today, seeing if we can retrieve all the files I lost. You know how I was trying so hard a couple of months ago to figure out a way to stay off the computer more? Well, now I have it - kill the thing! LOL It really is rather freeing to know that I can't get online any time I want to, so I find other things to do. It's almost freeing enough to tell Wes to forget about my computer, but not quite! I do use it a lot for other things than just fun, so I do need it. Hopefully I'll learn how to manage my time better through this. I'm using my husband's computer for a few minutes each day, so I may not be around much till I get mine back.

Let me tell you about the Open House before I go! The actual party went great, but all of my planning went kaput when it came down to the wire. I had planned to get most of my baking done on Monday and Tuesday, but things came up Monday that kept me out of the house all day. So I started on it Tuesday, and as I wrote then, things just fell apart. More falling apart yesterday. The biggest thing was that the candy I made didn't set up at all, so I had to fall back on something else again for my food gifts to give away. What I finally did was make a 9x13 pan of Turtle Bars, which are cut into tiny pieces; a double batch of Pecan Meltaways, a shortbread cookie coated with powdered sugar; and I sliced up the one good loaf of pumpkin bread, halved those slices, and filled tins with a little of each goodie. It's amazing how little things can fill up a gift tin! Anyway, Wes, the kids, and I worked like crazy yesterday and finally got everything finished, down to the clean sink, at 6:45. The Open House started at 7:00. Not exactly FLYing, was it? Oh well . . . this was my first year to do the Open House. I figured out several things that I will do differently next year. And I plan to do an Open House every year from now on. The hard work was worth it, to give a little something to the folks we minister to. They loved all the food and exclaimed over and over as they learned that I'd made everything from scratch. The hit of the party was Wes's hot apple cider! Many of our people are Filipino, so they've never had hot apple cider, and they loved it. I guess there's not much call for hot drinks in The Philippines at Christmas. It was great fun to treat them - I'm hooked!

That's about all for now. Hopefully my computer will be back soon!

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