Saturday, December 31, 2005

I'm Still Here!

Having to share a computer with someone else - and it isn't MY computer - keeps me away from it more than I had thought it would. I've been online for a bit this afternoon, catching up on reading blogs, and realized I needed to update my own! When I go online now, I do the things I feel I absolutely have to do, and leave the rest. I'm going to have to come up with a list of things to do online, and check that when I get on . . . otherwise I just do one or two things that are most pressing and forget the rest.

I got most of the Holiday missions done this week. The only holiday decor left to take down is the tree and the outdoor lights, a garland around the door. I plan to take the ornaments off the tree this afternoon or evening, and everything will be down Monday, at the latest.

I didn't get all the living room missions done, however. Does anyone else just brush off those zone missions? Some days I'll do them; others I just decide not to. All of my laundry is done, though, and my dh is a happy man - he can go in the closet and choose anything he wants to wear. It's all ironed and ready for him. That makes me feel good too.

I've been in a cardmaking mood lately. Last week I made Christmas thank-you cards with Christmas papers and embellishments. I was very pleased with how they turned out. Last night I sat down and made some birthday cards suitable for men. I used to have a block when it came to making cards, but I found that having a theme, such as thank-you cards, gets my mind thinking in one direction and I can come up with several variations on that theme. Last night I chose several "manly" colors that coordinate and made about 6 cards in a couple of hours. Not very productive, maybe, but much better than what I used to do! LOL

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Mary said...

I haven't even read the Holiday Missions. Religious tradition requires me to keep all my things up for another week or so.

I did some I could, picking up the wrapping paper, bows, etc.
I packaged up my HCJ for next year.