Monday, December 12, 2005

I Think I'm Just Going in Circles

First of all, we slept late this morning and I jumped out of bed and left it like it was. Well, it had Wes in it then, which it doesn't now, but it's still unmade. It's been a really long time since that's happened.

One reason it stayed unmade all day is because I went Christmas shopping today. Oh, but that was after I mopped the kitchen floor! Yay for me! Anyway, when we got up, Wes suggested I go and get some more shopping done, so I aimed for that. Somewhere along the line, he mentioned that WE would stop at the bank while WE were out shopping. Now during even calm everyday times of the year, Wes cannot be coaxed out of the house to go shopping, much less 2 weeks before Christmas - unless he's figured out what he wants to get for me, then he makes a beeline for that store, buys the gift, and comes home. He is not a shopper. So . . . knowing this, I miss the WE part but notice that he has the bank book in his hands. I don't listen to his words (the WE stuff) and assume he's going to the bank BEFORE I go shopping. So I happily click away at the computer while waiting for him to go and come back from the bank. One hour later, he comes downstairs and asks if I'm ready to go NOW. I say, "Almost!" and he says, "Well, I'm not going shopping with you now. The crowds will be too bad." I was clueless! So while I try to figure out what had happened here and get ready to go out, he goes to the bank. Mental note to self: listen to what he SAYS, not what I THINK he says! I could have had a personal chauffeur on my shopping trip if I'd paid attention!

I spent the rest of the day out shopping, and got quite a bit done. I picked up an ice cream cake for our older son's birthday, then came home and cooked supper. So here I am. I feel like things are a mess, but they really are about the same, I guess. It's just been a crazy day.

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Carolyn said...

Awwww Susan! You missed the clues!