Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I Think I'm Going Insane!

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I want my sanity back! We're having our first ever Christmas Open House for our church family tomorrow night, so I started preparing the foods for it today. Should be simple, right? Think again! I opened my super size box of cream cheese to soften this morning, thinking it would be six 8-ounce packages that I could easily count up and open for my recipes. But is it that simple? Nooooooo . . . it's one HUGE block of cream cheese that I have to cut (no comments on cutting the cheese please - Wes has already taken care of that) and weigh into the amounts I need. I was not happy. Wes says I'm just a spoiled American.

After I get all that cream cheese softening on the counter, I mix up my triple batch of pumpkin bread. The recipe says to bake for 90 minutes, but after 45 minutes, it's smelling a little burnt. So I check on it, and sure enough, one loaf is done but the other two are still gooey in the middle. I take out the done loaf (I've never been really good at eyeballing even amounts in baking pans, plus each of my pans is a different size) and set it on the cooling rack for 10 minutes. When I take it out of the pan, the entire bottom of that loaf is burnt black! After a few more minutes, both of the other loaves were done, and one of those was burnt too! These were to give away, but there's no way I can do that now, and I'm not willing to chance another batch burning too. So I make alternate plans.

Now I'm going to make Peanut Butter Balls, Pecan Meltaways, and Turtle Bars to give away, a little of each to each family. There's no baking for the Peanut Butter Balls, and the Turtle Bars are a one-pan deal, so that's easy enough. Isn't it? I don't have anything to report on those yet, as I've not started on them. This is just one morning's worth of mishaps! What else is going to happen?

The worst thing about having it all fall apart like this is that I made very careful plans with my FlyLady Holiday Planner. You should see my beautiful plans! And now, when I'm trying to carry them out, everything goes crazy. Ok . . . so it's not so bad, really . . . but still. I'm already laughing at myself; you might as well join me!

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