Friday, December 16, 2005

Almost Ready

I'm almost ready for our Open House next Wednesday! I finished buying all the food for it yesterday, except for things that have to be fresh that day, like the veggies and the meat. I also added one more thing to the menu: sausage rolls. I got to looking at my menu and found that only the sweets were things that my family would like, so I decided to add the sausage rolls for them.

I'm planning to make the cheese balls on Monday, so they can set up and mellow well before Wednesday. I'll probably make the ham rolls on Tuesday and the sausage rolls on Wednesday morning. I'll assemble the veggie tree on Wednesday afternoon. Beth and I will make the cookies the first of the week too.

We are finishing up our Christmas shopping today. It would be nice to be finished early, but we never have the money to shop till right before Christmas, so that's what we have to do. I would like to find things on sale all through the year, and every year I say I'm going to do that and never do. Maybe this year!

I hung my Christmas cards on twine and attached them with miniature clothespins for a different way to display them this year. I really like it! I'm always looking for a new way to display our cards, and this way keeps them up out of the way, but hanging where others can enjoy them. Here's what it looks like:


Mary said...

How nice! We didn't have the $ till Thursday (exchanging gifts last night!) and I didn't realize the boys' present was going to be mailed to they got the free gift (an umbrella) with a "we owe you"

But, they're excited about it! They have a gift membership to the Zoo coming to them. (I didn't realize it was sent via mail and we didn't have the $ till Thursday)
We had a BUDGET. $x per person & that was IT!

Mary said...

haha, sorry for the double info...

that'll teach me to do 2 things at once!!

Susan said...

Mary, we always have a budget! I think it's the best way to go for Christmas shopping, because it keeps you from going into debt. Some years my dh just gives me cash, a certain amount for each person; other years he just tells me how much we can spend and I stick to that. So we've almost reached our budget limit - in fact, Wes and I have reached ours. I'm taking our younger kids to the Dollar store to shop Monday, and our older son will spend his own money.