Thursday, November 03, 2005

Still Cruising Toward the Holidays

I am really enjoying my Holiday Control Journal! I love to plan! I'm hoping that my plans will come to fruition this year. I've been working mainly on planning our Christmas Open House for our church family and our family Christmas dinner. We have two single ladies in our congregation who are from Hong Kong, working as nannies here in the Vancouver area. We're planning to invite them for Christmas dinner, since they are so far from family.

Because our church currently meets in a rec centre, we can't have church on Christmas Day! Christmas in on Sunday this year. All civic offices are closed on holidays, so all of the rec centres will be closed on Christmas. They're also closing in the early afternoon on Christmas Eve. My dh is going to call some of the churches nearby and check on using their facilities Christmas afternoon, even just a fellowship room. I'm going to have to plan carefully for our dinner to be ready on time that evening, so I'm glad for the HCJ to help with that.

One thing that is worrying me just a touch is that we're leaving the week of Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with our families in North and South Carolina. I'm afraid I'll lose my focus on the holiday planning and just totally bomb when we get back!

How are your plans coming together?


Mary said...

I am attempting to fly.
Got my sister all bought for. Asked for ideas for her b-day (which is on new year's eve)

Started a list of things to buy for others. No $ to purchase anything yet.

Started a list of food & ingredients needed.
Started a list (and bought some of) of materials needed for gift toppers I am making. Already started making one gift topper. :)

Susan said...

Sounds like you're making great progress, Mary!!!! I'm like you - lots of things I can think of to buy for others, but no $$$.