Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Office Control Journal

I was perusing FlyLady.net yesterday and clicked on FlyLady's Control Journals. There I found the Office Control Journal. I don't know why I looked at it. I thought it was for "working women" as in women who work outside the home, but as I read it, I realized that FlyLady had developed it for herself because she works from home. The farther I read, the more I became aware that the things I do at home ARE my job. I'm a teacher: I homeschool our children and I teach Sunday school and a Wednesday night music class. I also write small articles for a real estate agent (when I find the time). Much of what I do requires that I do some portion of each job each day, just as I would if I worked outside my home. I've been trying to fit these things in as I went, not giving specific time to them. The tasks that FlyLady puts in her OCJ are the work-related ones, and I'm beginning to see that I can include much of the OCJ in my regular Control Journal - which is what FlyLady intended to happen!

Incidentally, a lot of the work I do for these jobs is computer-related! I told this to my husband last night, and he said, "So you're not as bad a girl as you thought you were!" So I'm still analyzing the time that I spend on the computer. At this point, my goal is to make sure the time I'm online has a purpose, and not just wasting time. Actually, today I was online very little, due to other things I had to do. So it works out.

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