Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Now . . . 20 Things About Me AFTER FlyLady!

I can't leave you hanging with the impression that I am still in that mess I described yesterday! I wanted to post that (I'd been mulling it over for several days) so that other people who are "domestically challenged" can see that their habits can be changed and they can enjoy a neater, more peaceful life. So today I'll share with you 20 things about me AFTER FlyLady. Much of what I do now is simply being in the present - noticing the things around me - and having a plan to take care of routine daily and weekly tasks. They're written down, so I don't have to remember them - I can just go look and see what's next. And I constantly remind myself that the little things that maintain a neat, clean home take only a few minutes at a time to complete.

1. I make my bed every day. Most of the time it's still warm when I make it!
2. I don't have a dresser anymore, but I do have a chest of drawers and a cedar chest in our bedroom, both of which stay cleared except for a few decorative items and necessary things (Wes keeps his deodorant and spare change on the chest, for instance).
3. I do at least one load of laundry a day. Clothes are dried and put away the same day - this was a breakthrough for me!
4. My sink shines!
5. The dishes are done after each meal.
6. I clean the kitchen and dishes as I cook.
7. I put away recipe ingredients as soon as I finish mixing up the dish.
8. I throw away papers and wrappers and containers as soon as I finish with them.
9. I clear off end tables, my desk, little places where clutter accumulates, every day.
10. I mop my kitchen and bathroom floors at least once a week, more if necessary.
11. The kids and I wipe down our bathrooms every morning. It takes about 3 minutes.
12. I clean out my fridge once a week.
13. I put away those bulk meat purchases right away. If I truly can't do them right away, I write down on my to-do list "put away meat" so that I won't forget to do it.
14. The kids are responsible for their own rooms. The boys' room does still get cluttered, but nothing like it used to be. Beth does a fantastic job keeping her room clean. She sees the value of picking up every day.
15. When I mop, the bucket and mop are rinsed and put away as soon as the floor is dry.
16. I have a specific place for my purse, and my keys are in it.
17. I put away my clothes and shoes as I take them off.
18. I shower and dress to shoes, including hair and face, first thing in the morning - no more waiting till later in the morning to dress. I'm ready to go or have someone come in from early in the morning.
19. Our closets are reasonably neat, and there's nothing under the beds.
20. Most of the time our home is company-ready (as in reasonably neat and clean). It's never more than 15 minutes' worth of work from being presentable; most of the time less than 5 minutes. The only things to do would be check the powder room, pick up any miscellaneous clutter, and check the kitchen floor. It's a peaceful way to live!

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