Friday, November 18, 2005

It's Date Night!

With my husband being a pastor, he works from home. He has an office set up in a bedroom upstairs, and I can go up and see him anytime, or he can come down anytime. We eat three meals a day together. If he needs to run an errand, many times I'll ride along with him. So we got into this rut of not having dates. Last week, though, I was reading through the date night ideas at, and decided that we need date nights just as much as anyone else. We're together all the time, yes; but so much of our time is spent doing our separate things. He is busy studying, spending time in prayer, writing letters, visiting people, helping people, and I'm busy taking care of the house, homeschooling, laundry - all the stuff I'd do whether he was here or not. And we forget to really see each other.

We don't have a terrible lot of money (who does?), so I decided that our date nights would be mostly at home. Last week, I set up a little lap writing table on our bed and took up some drinks and snacks. I also took the Phase 10 cards. I told Wes to meet me in our room at 9:00 for our date. We told the kids goodnight (they are ages 12-16, so they're old enough to get themselves ready for bed), shut the door, and had a nice time playing a game of Phase 10! Wes beat me, by the way. He's a whiz at games; why do I punish myself like that? LOL Anyway, it was a nice hour alone, doing something just for us. We reconnected. And it didn't cost a penny.

I asked him to plan our date for tonight. He said this morning that we'll take a walk to the little coffee shop down the street and have a coffee. It's called the Sugar Suite and offers organic versions of most anything you can get at Starbucks, for cheaper! It's kind of a coffee shop/bistro/bakery combo. Starbucks is across the street, by the way, and this little shop has been in business for over a year already despite the competition. The Sugar Suite has live music sometimes, local art on the walls, and nice comfy sofas. We like to go there and support the home-grown entrepreneur! This date will cost a little something, but not much. I'll have to plan next week's creatively - we'll be at my mom and dad's!


Carolyn said...

whats phase 10????

Susan said...

Phase 10 is a card game. You have to get certain combinations of cards for each "phase" and you progress through the game by making your phase each hand. We love it!

Carolyn said...

hmmm HOw do you find the rules???

Susan said...

You can find the rules online, Carolyn, but you have to have a deck of Phase 10 cards. Do a search on Phase 10 and you'll find pics and instructions. You can find the cards at almost any store - Wal Mart being the most likely!