Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Don't Have a Lot to Report

There's usually at least one blog subject floating around in my head for each of my blogs, but today there's nothing going on in there. I know a few people who would say there's never anything going on in there! LOL We have Bible study in our home on Wednesday nights, so we get things ready for people to come in. We always serve coffee and tea, plus hot cocoa when it gets cold outside. I like to light a few candles, too, especially now that cool weather is here. They add a nice homey touch, cozy and warm. We usually have about 15 people here each week, and I love being able to open our home and welcome people in. So that's what's going on in our house today, besides school for the kids and studying for Wes. I also make a grocery list and menu on Wednesday so I can go shopping on Thursday. The past couple of weeks I've gone during the morning hours - what a difference! I like to shop during the less-crowded times - less stress for me.

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