Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Gracious Home

I've mentioned Ladies Against Feminism before. I enjoy looking around this site, even though I don't agree with everything on it, because it refreshes my spirit. I especially love reading Lady Lydia Speaks. This evening I was looking for some inspiration and ended up over at LAF. I found this article by Lady Lydia about The Gracious Home. She includes some very good tips for keeping a home that is a joy to come into. I especially like this article because it's not just for those who have the perfect house (there's that P word!); it's also for those of us who have furniture that's seen better days and mismatched dishes in the cupboards. I hope you'll enjoy the article as I did, and be inspired to make your home even more gracious.

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Tammy said...

That was a very inspiring article! Thanks for sharing it!