Monday, November 07, 2005

Flexibility and the Pantry

Today was one of those days that I had to be flexible. The plans started yesterday. A pastor friend called and asked if he could drop by this morning to ask a favor of us. Then my husband invited a couple for lunch. Then another family needed his help this morning. It was pretty exciting! LOL

When he asked the couple for lunch, I wasn't sure what I would fix. I had chicken quesadillas on the menu, but that just didn't seem right for what we were doing. Then I thought of one of my standbys, meatballs and gravy. That wasn't right either, for some reason. Then I came up with Potato Minestrone (in the crockpot) and fresh baked bread (from frozen homemade bread dough). That would work! Normally I wouldn't have had any choice. I usually only buy what is necessary for one week and spend the very least I can. But last week was my marathon grocery shop, so I had stocked up on some basics that I use for our favorite recipes. It was a treat to come up with a non-planned meal, including dessert, from the things in my pantry! Now I'm going to keep it stocked like this, replacing what I use and adding to it in bits.

My cleaning routine had to be flexible today too. I was busy with guests and preparing lunch all morning, so the only thing I got done during the morning was washing a load of sheets. I had to turn my day around and do my housework in the afternoon and my cooking in the morning. It worked! When you have a plan, you can be flexible. When it's written down, you won't forget what to do when you have to switch things around. I like it! It really makes me feel that I can cope with all the little things that come up in the course of a day.


Mary said...

Don't you just love the 'pantry meals'?

I just love to cook & have often made them (with canned chicken, cornbread, etc, canned ham..) but never had a name for them. Now I do :)

Susan said...

Since moving here to BC, I haven't kept a well-stocked pantry - only what we needed for a week at a time. I've found food to be far more expensive here than in Texas, and that's simply because of the area. The west coast is more expensive for everything than the mid-section of the continent. So . . . now that I stocked up a little last week, I intend to maintain that.

I do love to have the stuff to make something spur of the moment!