Tuesday, November 08, 2005

20 Things About Me . . . Before FlyLady

This thing has been going around the blogosphere of 20 Things About Me. I did it on my other blog, but I thought it would be neat to do it on this one too, to let you know where I've come from. I have a friend who thinks I've never had messes; she seems shocked when I say "I know exactly what you mean" when she is dealing with her messes and that overwhelmed feeling. So these are my BF (Before FlyLady) 20 things you don't know about me! This is painful for me to write. I'm not this way now, but it wouldn't take much to get back to this state. You have to work the plan - some kind of plan - to get out of this condition, and you have to keep working it. You won't change without at least some effort. This list could be longer, but I'll keep it to 20 things.

Before FlyLady . . .

1. I rarely made my bed.
2. I let the dishes sit until the next day - every night, because the kitchen was a mess and I just didn't want to face it.
3. Most of the time, my dishes sat all the next day, too. Same excuse. Vicious cycle.
4. My sink was always dirty.
5. I would hide dishes in the oven if someone was coming over.
6. There were usually dirty clothes piled in and/or around the hamper.
7. My kids occasionally had to go without underwear, but only at home. By the time we needed to go somewhere, I washed some clothes.
8. My husband would NOT go without underwear - I would wash clothes at midnight and get up early to dry them in time for him to go to work. Lots of times I washed church clothes late on Saturday night and dried them early on Sunday morning.
9. When the clothes were clean, they were in a pile on the couch. We just dug through the pile for what we needed.
10. Sometimes clean clothes were in a pile on the bed, which I moved to the floor when we went to bed. Then those got mixed up with the dirty clothes again.
11. My kitchen and bathroom floors were mopped maybe once a month - if I got ambitious.
12. After I mopped the floor, the bucket of mop water would sit there for at least 3 or 4 days, sometimes longer . . . much longer.
13. My refrigerator was one big science experiment, packed so full nothing else would go in. Then something would spoil or spill and it would stink.
14. I would buy family packs of meat to save money, only to have them spoil in the fridge because I forgot they were there and didn't separate and freeze them.
15. My kids' bedrooms were covered in clutter - toys, clothes, books, papers.
16. I would have to move clutter off the ironing board, which was always set up, in order to iron something out of that pile on the couch. Usually about 15 minutes before it was time to leave the house.
17. I rarely saw my dresser. It was piled with clutter.
18. I constantly lost things like shoes, pantyhose, keys, important papers.
19. Dust bunnies lived in colonies under my bed, under the living room furniture, and in the corners of all our rooms.
20. I rarely felt peaceful or had the courage to invite someone to come over. When we did invite someone, I stashed and dashed and wore myself out getting ready, making everyone miserable in the process.


Deb said...

Oh, wow, Susan...you actually told us all this stuff??? LOL :)

I can see exactly where you're coming from. And actually can identify with some of those things. Yikes...I need to get on the ball.

Mary said...

LOL! Susan very brave of you! :)

Susan said...

Maybe I shouldn't have been quite so honest! LOL I would have never told all that THEN . . . and today I will have 20 things about me after FlyLady. When I say I was a terrible housekeeper, I mean it. Most people think I'm joking.

Mary said...

As a terrible housekeeper myself, I came up with 20 things too.

Actually, DD (almost 4) crawled under the puter & turned it off before I could hit 'send' to an online friend of mine..

I took it as a message from God. :)

Chris said...

Susan, I just wanted to thank you for your post :-) I am ashamed to say I have done 98% of what your top 20 were. I had been a flybaby before but lost my courage and before I knew it..lost all my peace. I have started again today and am so much happier already. As I type this I sit with my laptop on my dining room table..which actually has placemats...NOT laundry! Thank you for your encouragment!

Susan said...

Hi, Chris! I'm glad that this post was an encouragement to you. I had hesitated making it, but knew that it might help someone who had the same problems I did. Isn't it a blessing to know that someone else is in the same boat you are, and you can help each other out?! God bless you as you continue to bring peace to your home!