Saturday, October 08, 2005

You Should See My House

You really should see my house tonight. It's a mess. We're having a potluck dinner after church tomorrow, so I have table decorations, plates, cups, cutlery, coffee pots, all stacked up in the living room. My desk looks like a tornado hit it, because I'm studying 3 different lessons right now, one of which needs lots of internet research, so there's all kinds of papers on my desk. There's cardstock left from making memory verse visuals, too. And books . . . I see 6 books strewn across the desk! The kitchen isn't bad, because I made myself clean up the dishes from making food for tomorrow. All of this because I was out of town earlier in the week and didn't stay on track when I got home! I'm going to stumble to bed now . . . good night!

1 comment:

Deb said...

Yes, weekends have a tendency to make things a little chaotic esp. when you're getting ready for a potluck.

But next week you'll be back on track!