Monday, October 10, 2005

Will Things Ever Get Back to Normal?

I don't know for sure! Normally, after a long, stressful weekend, I would try to get back in the routine on Monday morning. But today was Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, so I spent most of the day cooking. I did clean up as I went, washing dishes and wiping down counters (after flinging sweet potatoes with the beaters, I had sweet potato flecks all over the counters and even on cabinet doors - it's funny now, but aggravating at the time! LOL), and keeping dishes rinsed to go in the dishwasher. I had planned to eat at 4:00, but didn't get it all on the table till 4:50. Have you ever noticed that it takes hours and hours to cook a holiday feast, and a mere 30 minutes to devour said feast? I've said this for years, and it never ceases to amaze me!

So . . . tomorrow it's full speed ahead into dusting, laundry, and focusing on the kitchen! I think I'm ready for it. I'm tired of careening around getting only the urgent done. I want my peaceful life back!

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