Friday, October 28, 2005

What's Happening?

I don't know what's happening! LOL I'm keeping up with the very basics of homemaking right now, and that's about it. I don't consider it FLYing, but at least my house isn't anywhere near as bad as it used to be. I guess that's FLYing somewhat, eh?

I'm focusing a good bit right now on food. I think I've mentioned on this blog that I'm diabetic. I used to be on medicine, but for the past year I've been controlling it with diet and exercise. Over the summer, though, I've let my eating get out of hand, and for the past few weeks, I've begun to feel it. I get SO tired when my sugar levels are bad. The past week, I've had to sleep a lot, and I've been so discouraged, anxious, and defeated - and grumpy. So I knew it was time to tighten up again. FlyLady's new book Body Clutter, even though I haven't read it, has spurred me on to try again, by reading some of the testimonials of those who've read it. I've printed out the Body Clutter Investigator every day this week, and it's helping me see what I'm eating again. I normally make a menu for my grocery shopping each week, but I'd usually make it very loose, just to have an idea of what I needed to buy. This week, though, I filled in every meal and every snack for myself. Now I know exactly what I'm going to eat every day, and it takes away some of the temptation to just grab whatever is in the fridge or cabinet (like chips - I love a nice snack of chips, especially Cheetos). I'm still tempted to eat the wrong things - maybe not wrong, but not the best - but it's much easier to find a good snack when I have them written down.

All that to say that I haven't felt extremely well lately, and as I eat well I start to perk up. As I perk up, I feel more like taking better care of my home and myself. There really is a link between how we feel and how we conduct ourselves. Many times we could use that as an excuse, but sometimes it's a valid reason. I'm trying to eat better so that I can feel better, and maybe I'll get balanced again.

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