Friday, October 07, 2005

We Ordered Our Dryer

We went to Sears to get our dryer, and wouldn't you know, they didn't have one in stock! I was hoping we'd be able to pick it up today. I'm not very patient - I hate to wait for anything! LOL It's supposed to be in by Oct. 17th, but they said to call sometime next week to see if it's there yet.

Wes is the type person who goes into a store knowing what he wants, gets it, and leaves. I'm the opposite. So I was prepared to go into Sears and turn around and walk back out, but on the way out, he asked if I'd like to walk around the mall a little! Of course I said yes! LOL All we bought was a pack of batteries, but it was nice to look around a bit. We'd like to get a small CD player for our bedroom, so we looked at some of those, and I looked at fabric and patterns, and we went into the Dollar Store, one of my favorite places. Just a nice time of being together!

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