Thursday, October 06, 2005

Things To Do Tomorrow

I have to get back in touch with my home, so here's my list of things to do tomorrow:

Finish unpacking our suitcase (I know! It should have been finished yesterday!)
Catch up on the laundry (the new dryer won't be here for another 10 days or so)
Make a menu and grocery list
Go grocery shopping
Mop the kitchen kitchen floor

That's not much, right?! I fell off the FLYwagon so easily! Is there anything you need to do to feel that you have things in good order to start the weekend? Speaking of the weekend, this is a long holiday weekend in Canada - Monday is Thanksgiving!

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O Beautiful Mother said...

I sorted through my clothing for it was getting out of hand. I, too have been a bit behind in things of where I would prefer to be BUT I did finish a baby quilt last night. OH there are more things to do than there is time. All week I have been trying to do 3 things. 1) make jam 2) make perogies 3) clean up my garden

Keep up the good work! :0)