Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Quick Day

Today was a whirlwind! We slept in a few minutes, and we have been going strong all day. One of my favorite sayings is, "She who rises late must trot all day." Well, I've been trotting, let me tell you! LOL

We did our church visiting this morning. We're having a guest evangelist and his family tomorrow, and we wanted to give them some gifts. So our daughter and I went out shopping today. It was SO much fun! She and I both love to give things to people, so this was almost like Christmas shopping. We were gone for several hours, then while she put together the children's gifts, I fixed supper - burgers and fries. Now, at almost 9:00, I have two pies in the oven and still need to finish up my Sunday school preparation . . . and clean up the kitchen from my pies! I haven't flown very well today! There's still laundry in the dryer, but Beth is taking care of that for me.

I just realized what I'm doing - sitting here writing about what needs to be done rather than doing it. Guess I better go, eh? LOL

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