Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Pampering Bag!

The pamper mission for this week is to make yourself a pampering bag. The recommendations are to put things in it like a journal and pen, lotion, CD's and player, a book, needlework . . . things that you can pick up at a moment's notice and pamper yourself a little bit. I like the idea! I'm going to think about it and put something together for myself. I'm not for constant indulgence, but when you're going to have some free minutes anyway, you might as well do something to relax a bit. I'm thinking this could be useful for doing things for others - stick a few note cards in there, with some addresses of folks who might like to hear from you and bless someone else. Nothing feels better than sending an unexpected blessing to someone!

So what kind of things would you put in your pampering bag?


Deb said...

A scrapbook magazine, a gardening magazine, cross-stitch pattern and material to stitch, pretty scripture notepaper and pen, foot lotion, hershey bar(s), coupon for a free pizza, and a diet coke.

Now, THAT says Pampering with a capital P!

Susan said...

You could make those and sell them! LOL