Monday, October 17, 2005

My New Dryer is Here . . . and Stuff

Wes and I went to Sears to pick up our new dryer today! It's a little slimmer than the old one, which came right out and the new one went right in. Now I need to get a handle on my laundry again. No excuses! Just do it!

Wes and I had an appointment this morning that last on into the afternoon. When I got home, I noticed that someone had straightened up my desk and the rest of the house (that someone being my daughter!), and she was working on some laundry when we came in. She's a big, big help to me. When she was little, I wondered if she'd ever learn how to clean her room or fix her hair or wash the dishes, but now she has grown into a young lady who is already much better at homemaking than I am! She has a natural ability to organize and quickly get things in order, and she loves for things to be clean and neat around her. Somehow I missed the genes for getting things done and went straight to the part about liking things in order: I've always had a hard time getting from wanting order to getting order! I'm so glad to see my little girl growing up into a confident homemaker! Maybe she won't have all the problems I did as a young wife. Praise the Lord!

Wes and I get to go out to lunch tomorrow. That will be so nice! I've already planned to put chili in the crockpot tomorrow morning, made with the leftover beans from tonight, which simmered in the crockpot all day today. I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon, which I'll tell you about tomorrow night, that will interfere with our regular supper time, so I want to have supper a little early so I'll have plenty of time to make my appointment.

I'm planning to get the dusting done tomorrow morning. It's been a couple of weeks since I've paid attention to the dusting, so the house is really in need of it. Plus, dusting gets me around to all the rooms to pay attention to the little tiny hot spots of clutter in each room that I just gloss over through the week! And, of course, still tackling that laundry monster that got out of control. The one thing my dryer doesn't have, that I forgot to check on? A buzzer! So Wes bought me a timer to use so I won't forget that the clothes are in there. What a guy!


Deb said...

Great news on your dryer, Susan! I know I would get more excited over a new appliance than over jewelry--truly I would!

Re: dusting. I remember visiting someone for lunch many years ago, and there was a bookcase near the right of the door with "dust me" written on the top of the dust! I'm sure my friend would have been mortified if she knew that bookcase didn't get dusted before I arrived! So funny.

Just yesterday I had a friend visit, and we were standing at the bottom of the steps that lead upstairs (they're covered with carpeting except on the ends where the wood (and dust) show). I'm not sure if she saw all the dust sitting on those steps or not, but I sure did! Can you guess what I did as soon as she left???!!

Susan said...

I have to laugh at the dust stories, because I hate to dust! There have been so many times that I've not noticed the dust until someone is there. And you know what? I still didn't dust yesterday. Lots of life happened yesterday. Maybe I'll blog about it! LOL

O Beautiful Mother said...

Chili? Sounds good to me. I am looking for a super chili recipe. Can you share yours with me?
Post it on the flybaby group site for me please when you get a chance.

Have fun with your new dryer!