Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My Kitchen is Clean Again!

Yay!!! It took me about an hour, but I got my kitchen back in shape this morning. I did Kelly's mission of scrubbing the counters (and I still found flecks of sweet potato!), then I wiped down the cabinet fronts (where do all those little drips come from?). As I was sweeping the floor, thinking I would mop it tomorrow on the regular day, I found more sweet potatoes! They were dried on and hard, so it took a little elbow grease, but now the kitchen is clean again and I'm happy.

I'm catching up on laundry today too. I've planned to do 4 loads. The second load just finished drying. I have a ton a ironing to do! I'll do it as I can, though, because Wes and I need to run some errands this afternoon. It sure is nice to be back to our normal routine - although I've heard that normal is just a setting on your dryer!

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