Sunday, October 16, 2005

I Think I've Lost Control

My laundry has gone nuts. All week long, I'd put a load in the washer, then either forget to put it in the dryer right away, or put it in the dryer and forget that it was there. So this afternoon my kids folded several loads of laundry and put them away, and we're starting over again tomorrow. My new dryer is in, but we haven't picked it up yet. We'll get it tomorrow afternoon and get it installed. It'll be good to have a better dryer - faster - but we'll see how much better, if any, I am at getting the laundry done.

We're all set for a furiously busy week again - something going on every day that will have one or more of us out of the house for some portion of the day - but I'm determined to follow my weekly plan for each day. Things were going so well until we went out of town and I got off track. My husband reminded me this morning of how busy this week will be, and I want to show him I can deal with being busy! So I'll be online some, but gone a lot this week too. I'll post as often as I can. Hopefully I can be more encouraging than "my laundry has gone nuts!" LOL

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