Monday, October 31, 2005

I Had a Lightbulb Moment

Over the weekend I had one of those "Aha!" moments, when something just clicks. I don't know why I never thought of this before. I feel kinda dumb now! LOL

As I was cutting out my flocked pieces for the Sunday school lesson on Saturday night, I suddenly thought, "I could cut these out 15 minutes at a time throughout the week and I wouldn't have to remember to do it on Saturday night!" I know - I'm so bright! I also realized that there's nothing stopping me from getting my memory verse visuals all done at once either - I just print them out with a nice font and color, then attach them to some patterned paper to match. So simple . . . then I'm not worried that I'll forget on Saturday.

Then when I was getting ready for church yesterday morning, I know that I want to wear a certain blouse next week. The shoulder pads are out of it though, so I was thinking I would have to remember to do that Saturday. Then it hit me! I can probably reattach the shoulder pads in less than 15 minutes one day this week. Wow!

Why have I not thought of these things before? I am definitely a classic SHE! I keep putting off little things till they're big things and I have to hurry to do them. To solve this little dilemma, I made myself a list of things to do this week. I'll do one or two of them each day. I'm very tired of forgetting little things and being disorganized when time is at a premium. So that was my lightbulb moment - thrilling, eh?!

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