Sunday, October 23, 2005

Controlling My Time

I checked this morning to see how long it takes to just check my favorite places online and check my e-mail. It was less than 20 minutes. I say "less than 20 minutes" because right in the middle of checking the time, my internet went goofy and I couldn't get an accurate time. Based on that, my morning computer time is going to be 20 minutes. I'll have a couple of other 20-minute sessions during the day. I have to be on the computer for various things during the day, such as checking the kids' schoolwork or preparing something for a Sunday school class, but I can limit the leisure stuff. I don't think I have to completely do away with surfing or chatting, but I know I can have more balance than I've had recently.

I made a list one day of all the things that I could do besides surfing the net. It's amazing all the things that I could be doing:

cross stitch
cook for the freezer
declutter (!)
organize decluttered areas
read - Bible, inspirational, personal growth, pleasure
learn a new craft
call someone
write a letter
send a card
take a walk
play a game

The list is virtually endless! All of these things make for a fuller life, one that isn't confined to a little screen. One that keeps me in touch with my home, family, and friends. I think I'm going to try some of these things this week to draw my mind away from the net and back into my home!


Melissa said...

You are right! This little screen is such a time waster. I think we like it because it is something to do that doesn't need to be put away after. We think we have just a few minutes, and the computer is just the easiest thing with which to fill those minutes. But we all know how those minutes turn into hours throughout the day!

Tammy said...

Right now I have my oven timer set for 15 minutes...and as soon as that 15 minutes is over, I'm off the computer! I have used up so much time in the last few months staring at my computer screen. I too, could have such a list as you have made!

Mary said...

You are very right.
Those few minutes turn to hours & there is SO MUCH I/we/anyone could get done if we weren't sitting here.
I can't tell you what a relief it is to hear someone else say that.
After all, I gave up the Net for Lent this past year. :o