Monday, October 24, 2005

Body Clutter

Has anyone read Marla's new book Body Clutter? I would like to read it, but the way I want to do it is go to Barnes & Noble and browse through it first! LOL I'm not sure if it's available in bookstores yet, though. Anyway, the reason I want to read it is because Marla was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year (or was it last year?) and I'm diabetic too. I've hit a brick wall with my weight loss, and I'm curious to see if she has something to say that might spur me on to try again or inspire me to eat even better. I'd also like a sample of the Body Clutter menu mailer, but I don't think that's available yet. I'd love to see that because it's Leanne's custom plan for herself and Marla, and it's how Marla began losing weight when she was diagnosed.

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Melissa said...

Susan, check your email about the menu mailer!