Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well, Let's See . . .

Today was busy, but not with major things. Just mother-busy, you know? So busy that I didn't get my home blessing done today (mopping the floors). Is that too busy, or will it get done later? The kitchen is really in need of mopping, so at least that much will probably get done tomorrow.

My zone job was simple - vacuum the bedroom. I made sure to get in the corners and along the edges of the wall, and I moved things and vacuumed where I haven't in a loooong time. Very dusty!

The other things I did were homeschool and church things: borrow videos from a friend, grade a test and two reports, look over quizzes to see what isn't clicking with the kids, explain why this report needs to be redone and give tips to make it better. Dinner cooked in the crockpot - yay!

Still keeping up with the laundry! I love not having to worry about having clothes being ready to wear!

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