Monday, September 12, 2005

This Is One of My Favorite Things, Too

FlyLady mentioned this in her essay this morning, and I can SO identify with it:
One of the last things I did
before we walked out the door was change the sheets on our bed to
crisp fresh ones. Jumping into your own bed after sleeping in a hotel
for several days is even more wonderful with the feel and smell of
clean sheets caressing your body.

My dh and our family traveled a lot in our church ministry for the three years before we moved here to Canada. I was horrible with lots of things while we traveled, but one thing I almost always made sure to do was have clean sheets on the beds when we left the house. I felt that nothing said Welcome Home better than those clean sheets, especially after we'd been gone for more than a week (the longest time we were gone at one stretch was 8 weeks - I don't recommend it if you want to keep your sanity!). The rest of the house might be musty and stale from being closed up, but the comforters protected the sheets from the staleness, and when I folded those covers back after a long trip . . . it was Heaven!

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