Friday, September 16, 2005

Super Fling Boogie

I have to admit - I've never participated in a Super Fling Boogie! It just seemed like they always came at the wrong time for me. Excuses, I know. It's a good way to jump start your decluttering, though, so why not go for it? Where would you start? Here are some suggestions:

- Your messiest room, the "dungeon" of your house
- Your front entry, foyer, living room, wherever you drop everything when you come in the door
- This week's zone, the bathroom, then move to the next zone on Monday
- The kitchen, where all those Tupperware bowls and pots and pans are waiting to attack you when you open the cupboard where they live
- Your bedroom, possibly the messiest room in the house; start making this a haven for you and your spouse
- The garage, where everybody keeps all their "storage"
- The storage shed out back, your overflow for all your extra stuff that you just might need someday
- Your home office
- Your sewing/craft/hobby room, where all those unfinished projects are hanging out
- Your attic
- Your hall closet, where all the skates, shoes, coats, ball bats, hockey sticks are - you name it, it's in there
- The laundry room, where the dirty clothes are piled so high you have to move them to get a load of clean clothes into the dryer; everything that has needed mending for the past 6 months is in there, as well as all the clothes that the kids (or you) have outgrown.

Choose one place to start, then go from there. Remember to keep track of your pounds AND the weirdest thing you find as you declutter! Those lists are hilarious to read! The more I write, the more I realize maybe I should participate this time. I thought I had everything decluttered, but I've just thought of a place or two that can use some work. Do this 15 minutes at a time - don't obsess about it! Then get all that clutter out the door and to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or just to the curb, where it can bless others - or die a dignified death, whichever needs to happen! LOL

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Carolyn said...

I"m a work in progress Susan! :) Still working on my bathroom! :)