Monday, September 19, 2005

Somebody Motivate Me!

Wahhhh! I don't want to work today! It's Monday; it's raining; I'm sleepy; it's chilly outside. It's 11:05, and I've got my zone job done for today. Laundry is in the dryer, another load in the washer (and one of the kids just brought down his sheets - the only set left because I thought they were all there when I started the load of sheets!). Supper tonight is leftovers, but I thought I'd make some fresh rolls to go with it, kind of a bad news/good news thing - we're having leftovers, guys, but look! I made fresh rolls! LOL

The ONLY reason anything is done this morning is because I absolutely gritted my teeth and MADE myself do it. I hated every minute of my zone work! I prefer to like doing my work, to get that sense of accomplishment in a job finished and done well, but today, it's just plain old stick to it and get it done. Do you have days like that? I don't like them, but when they hit, you just have to do the next thing, and the next thing, till the work is done. Then go take a nap!

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