Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Nice Gloomy Day

It's pouring down rain today, and cold! Fall has arrived in the Lower Mainland of BC. We enjoyed such a nice extension of summer with sunshine and comfortable temperatures! Now it's back to normal - rain, rain, rain. But that feels comfy to me, since we moved here last year right before the rain started, so my first impressions of BC were of rainy days. Anyway, I enjoy the cool weather and coziness inside. I have candles lit in the living room.

My dh and our older son have gone to Seattle today for the baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners. If you tune in at 3:30 PDT and look about 8 rows behind the Mariners' dugout, you'll probably see the only Rangers fan in that section. That will be my boy! LOL

Since I just have the two kiddos today, we're having a quiet afternoon. I got my work done quickly this morning after my dh and our son left. After lunch, I had plenty of time to sit and chat on Yahoo with a good friend who is a new pastor's wife. We had fun talking about old times and encouraging each other. I'm getting my grocery list ready this afternoon, in addition to getting Sunday school stuff together. It's nice to have a relaxing day and enjoy it!


Carolyn said...

I got my grovery list together today too! Can you believe it? I ahve six suppers planned. Most of the time we have one night where we order in, or just fend for ourselves.....

Susan said...

Woohooooo!!!! Way to go, Carolyn! Doesn't it feel good to be ready for grocery day?