Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Poor Son!

This is about the laundry. My oldest son is 16, and when he runs out of underwear, he finally remembers to put a load in the washer late at night so he'll have some in the morning. This week, though, I've kept up with the laundry and the hamper is close to empty (it's never totally empty, though!), and he has underwear for church tomorrow. I was in his room a little while ago, and he was so thrilled that I had washed the clothes and he didn't have to worry about remembering to wash a load of underwear. We laughed about it, but I felt a little pang that he'd had to worry about it to start with, and I felt very good that he was so happy about it! I determined to keep it that way. I may delegate the laundry, but I will stay in charge and see that it gets done. That's my responsibility!

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