Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Life Has Sure Settled Down

After the past two weeks, I wondered if I'd ever slow down again! But this week, although busy doing everyday things, has been more relaxed. My dh and older son watched the football game last night. This is the first time we've ever watched Monday Night Football in the Pacific time zone - it comes on at 6:00! It does make it easier to get to bed at a normal time if you watch the whole game, but . . . 6:00!!! Wow!

I should have taken a short nap yesterday afternoon, but I thought "I can make it!" And I did, but I was exhausted before bedtime last night. I may sneak a little nap in today. I've heard older Christian ladies say that the most spiritual thing a wife can do is take a short nap in the afternoon, so that she's fresh and ready for her husband when he comes home. Well, my husband stays home, since his office is in our home, but I can still do things to keep myself fresh and fun to be with for him . . . like take a quick nap - unless he decides to join me for that nap! LOL

In the main bathroom zone today I cleaned the toilet from top to bottom, then cleaned the baseboards and got any little spots off the wall. The first time I cleaned behind the toilet, it was awful. I never really thought about what gets back there, but when you consider splashes and other such unmentionable things, it makes sense that we should check back there and wipe that wall down every now and then. Now when I wipe that wall, it's not bad at all; in fact, today it didn't even appear dirty.

My home blessing for Tuesday is to dust the furniture. The first week I dusted, it had been a looooong time since I'd dusted, and the furniture was covered with dust. I thought, "This is not good - it gets this dusty every week?" But now, I see that there's very little dust and the dusting is done quickly. I think this is what FlyLady means when she says the house almost cleans itself. We get into a routine and clean before it gets so amazingly dirty that it hardly seems dirty at all, and we're spending less time getting the house to its clean state each time.

For dinner tonight, I'm going to use our leftover beef stew from last night, make a gravy to add to it, put it in a baking pan and top it with a crust for beef pot pie. Now, my family loves the pot pie that I make with biscuits on top, but we had biscuits last night, so I'm making the pastry crust. I think I'll serve some pinto beans, corn, and salad to round off the meal. I'm diabetic, so I eat some sort of salad with almost every meal.

That's it for our home today. I'd love to hear from others who are FLYing and how FlyLady (or any other system) has worked for you.


Tammy said...

Ok, not a fly lady comment, but here on the EAST coast, my hubby has to stay up past midnight to finish a football game!!!

Susan said...

And that's more what I'm used to! LOL