Monday, September 05, 2005

The Kitchen Zone!

Why do I love to hate the Kitchen Zone?!! It seems like the kitchen is so full of things that need to be cleaned all the time. It's never-ending!

I need to clean my oven, and I will clean it this week . . . sometime. I'm not sure what day. Maybe Friday. Today I wiped down all the counters and cleaned the cabinet doors. That took less than 15 minutes. I also cleaned out the fridge and wiped it all down on the inside - 15 minutes. Then I started cleaning the vent hood above the stove. The grease that gets trapped up there is unbelievable! I ended up taking a scrubber sponge with dish detergent squirted directly on it, and got a majority of the grease off the inside of the vent hood, but it took more than 15 minutes. I quit timing it. I just wanted it to look better! But after I got that done I stopped. I've been down the road of focusing on one little thing and nothing else gets done, and I don't want to do that again. So I stopped with the top of the stove. Tomorrow I'll work in the kitchen a little more, probably doing some organizing. With all three kids helping with dishes, things get put up haphazardly and the cabinets get crazy in a short time.

Other things accomplished today: three loads of laundry (the last load is in the dryer now), ironed a load of dress clothes, changed sheets on the beds (every Monday), and took care of two hot spots before they raged into fires, one on my desk and one on the little table where I sew. I also put away things like sweaters and craft supplies that we used for church yesterday. There are always extra things like that to put away on Mondays.

Tomorrow I get to play a little! A thrift store in town is having 50% off everything in the store, so we're going shopping tomorrow morning! I still plan to spend 15 minutes in the zone and get my home blessing job done (I divide it up through the week), and one load of laundry. What a blessing to have found FlyLady and be able to take care of my home AND play in the same day!


Carolyn said...

Wow Susan, you were so busy today! I wish I could say the same! But I spend the day in front of the TV watching 24!

Susan said...

Oh, I watched a little TV too, a couple of home shows. If we had A&E I would probably have been watching some 24 too!