Monday, September 26, 2005

It's Monday

I love Mondays because I love new starts, and every Monday is a new start. So I'm excited that today starts a new week. The FlyLady zone this week is the living room, and it's a whole week! That's exciting for getting some things done in the living room. Our living room is ok, but mainly because we have people in every Wednesday night for Bible study. I was looking around today and there is nothing to declutter in the room itself, although I could probably count our storage closet as part of the living room. It's just inside the hallway that comes into the living room, and it's a mess. I may just tackle that closet on Thursday, because my dh and our older son are going to a pro baseball game in Washington and are taking the car - so I won't be doing my grocery shopping that day (the Texas Rangers are playing the Seattle Mariners - guess who we're pulling for?!).

Today for my zone work I went around the edge of the ceiling and got the cobwebs down. My home blessing was wiping down the cabinets and counters in the kitchen. I made sure to wipe the knobs and handles on the cabinets, as cold season has started and our daughter has one.

I've been pleased so far with the basic weekly plan and home blessing plan that I've been using (I'll post those in another entry). We're going as a family to a conference in Washington next Monday and Tuesday, and the sponsoring church has booked a hotel room for us. For almost three years our family traveled for our church ministry, and we spent far more nights in hotel rooms than I ever dreamed possible! Those rooms became my havens, because my home was in such chaos. I always dreaded going home, back to that mess of clutter that we had. Last night I realized that I would enjoy this night away in a hotel, but not for the old reasons. This time will just be a nice night away - nothing more. I mentioned to my husband that hotel rooms used to be my escape from our messy house, and before I could say more, he said, "But now your house is just as peaceful as those hotel rooms were!" And he was right! Our home isn't sterilely clean or furnished as spartanly as a hotel room, because we live in it, but it's a pleasant place to be. Our bathrooms are clean, the kitchen is clean, the flat surfaces are clear (for the most part - again, we live here!). When I walk into the house, it smells fresh and not like last week's trash. We can find our clothes, and they're ready to wear. How did we get to this place? Through routines - daily, weekly, monthly. It took time, but it happened. If I can do it, anyone can - trust me!

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Carolyn said...

Awww Susan that was a blessing to read.