Thursday, September 08, 2005

In the Kitchen

I've been working in my kitchen this week doing some detail cleaning. Yesterday I cleaned the microwave inside and out. I even pulled it out of the cart far enough to clean the top of it. I never realized it got greasy under the top of my microwave cart! The top inside was gunky from stuff splattering, so I boiled some vinegar in there and most of the gunk came off with a wipe or two. These are things I would never think to do if I wasn't focusing on the kitchen and finding things to clean. I was never taught to clean under things and on top of things, so this focus cleaning has been a real eye-opener!

Today I cleaned the baseboard heater in the dining room, which is part of our kitchen. I vacuumed under and inside as far as I could, then wiped off the top of the heater. To do that, I had to move the microwave cart from in front of part of it, and found dirt under there! Gasp! So I swept and used the rag I was using to clean the heater to wipe up the floor where the cart was. These were small things, but the room just feels different, and the clean feel and smell are priceless!

My home blessing for the day was cleaning our sliding glass doors in the living room - they cover most of the wall, two sets - the kitchen windows, and all the mirrors in the house -- 15 minutes.

With school starting this week, I feel like I'm back in a routine, and I'm loving the sense of accomplishment I'm feeling this week! The little voice in my head says it won't last, but I know that I can keep going with routines and the determination to get off my franny and work them!

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Melissa said...

You go girl! :)