Monday, September 26, 2005

Honey, I Blew Up the Steak

Have you ever blown anything up in your microwave? I've been using a microwave for 17 years now, and until this afternoon I had never blown anything up. At lunchtime I was heating up a piece of leftover round steak to go in my salad. I just threw it in the microwave, without covering it up, and walked away. I always cover up things that will explode, like beans or butter, but I never thought steak would explode. After a few seconds I hear a loud POP. I walked over and opened the microwave, and there was beef everywhere! I couldn't believe it! There was a piece of fat on the outside edge of that steak, so I assume that's what blew up. I spent a few minutes after lunch cleaning beef off of every part of the inside of my microwave. Lesson learned: always cover anything that goes in the microwave!

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