Thursday, September 29, 2005

Have You Made an Emergency Plan?

With our focus on hurricanes and emergency evacuations, I appreciate that FlyLady has given us some direction and testimonials about being ready in an emergency. I have to admit that I'm totally unprepared for an emergency such as loss of power or an evacuation of some type. We live in the southwest corner of Canada, in an area prone to earthquakes (although we haven't felt any yet!). I have no water or food stashed away, and we don't have emergency phone numbers written down in one place.

So I started a list of emergency contact numbers. I put our next of kin at the top of the list, and included our home pastor and the pastor of the church that asked us to come and work with them here in Canada. These are the people who would need to know if we were hurt, and who know our desires concerning our children should Wes or I be unable to care for them. We're going home for Thanksgiving and will be flying, so I'll have a copy of this list with us.

I still need to make a local emergency number list for police, fire, emergency room, utilities. I'll also put insurance phone and policy numbers on this list.

I'm beginning an emergency stash of food and water. We were joking the other day that as long as we had peanut butter we wouldn't starve! I think I'll buy a gallon of water per week and one or two extra non-perishable foods per week.

I've never done this before. I've never had a major emergency before either. But I think at least the phone numbers in one place is a good idea, especially since we live outside our home country. So what are you doing to prepare, if anything? Is it wise to prepare, or should we just not worry so much about it? I'd love to know what others are doing - I'm sure there's something I'm not thinking of!


Tammy said...

Kevin has been talking about being prepared, especially since the hurricanes. Right now we have no emergency plan or "stash" of food/water. While we don't live in an area prone to earthquakes or hurricanes, we do live in an area where it snows each winter. I hadn't given any thought to phone numbers. Thanks for the idea!

Deb said...

Susan, my sister recently had a post on her blog about getting an emergency kit together. There's a link to the Red Cross site which lists ways to get started and what to include. And a commenter put in a link to FEMA and their list of supplies.
In case the link below doesn't work, you'll have to scroll to her archives for Sept. 15th.

Susan said...

Thanks, Deb! You are a wealth of information, girl! I'll be taking a look at your sister's post, and probably post the links in my sidebar for the Red Cross and FEMA lists. I think those would be helpful to anyone.