Monday, September 12, 2005

A Good Start

I've had a great start to my week! This morning I started on my work right after breakfast, and here's what I got done:

Fridge cleaned out
Counters wiped down, including one that needed to be cleaned thoroughly, as it was stained
Stovetop cleaned
Floor lightly mopped
Three loads of laundry done (2 of them sheets)
Main bathroom sink and cabinet cleaned thoroughly
Hall closet shelves straightened
Cleared my desk hotspot
Dinner in crockpot - beef stew with veggies, will add salad and biscuits for dinner

It was so nice after lunch to be able to say "Yes!" when my dh asked if I'd like to ride to Staples with him and come home to a clean home that smells like dinner! Then my son and daughter took a walk with me. Now we're having a leisurely afternoon in which I plan to get some reading and a little studying done, iron 2 shirts from the laundry this morning, practice the piano, and cut the tissue pieces of a new pattern apart. This is the way I like for my days to go - work done early so I can do the more fun things in the afternoon! They don't all go like this, but more of them do since finding FlyLady! ;)

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