Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the e-mails you get from FlyLady? Are you unsure where to start? My friend, Carolyn, made this comment:
I get so overwellmed. By all the emails, etc. Not knowing how to start.....

I've been there . . . done that . . . have not arrived! I still get that overwhelmed feeling, and I still look around sometimes and wonder where in the world to start. I share the things I do in my home to encourage people, not to make it look like I've got everything under control. Carolyn is a good friend of mine, and I told her I'd address her comment and try to help, since I've had so many friends tell me that they tried FlyLady but all those e-mails piling up in their inbox just overwhelmed them. I've put together a few thoughts about handling the e-mails.

First, you can just delete them. You don't have to read them! You're not paying a cent for them, so you're not "wasting" them by deleting them. Just looking at the titles will help you begin to see what you need to do - 27 Fling Boogie, Where Are Your Shoes?, Shine Your Sink, Go to Bed on Time . . . these will begin to work as you see them.

You could read them and then delete them. Same concept; you'll read enough to start to make some sense of the system.

You could get the digest version. It comes once a day, with all the e-mails for that day in one large e-mail. In my opinion, that would be hard to weed through, but it is an option.

What I've done to eliminate so much mail in my inbox is to filter my messages as they come into my inbox. I made a folder for FlyLady Reminders and one for Testimonials. Your e-mail help program will direct you how to make new folders and filter your mail. Once you do that, your e-mails will go into their own folders and you won't see them in your inbox at all. You have to open the folder they're in to see them. I would recommend this to anyone who feels overwhelmed with all the e-mails, or to anyone who shares their inbox with someone else who complains about all the e-mails coming in.

After you have your e-mails filtered, use the reminders as a checklist, and delete them as you do each one. Delete them before you do them if you don't want to do them - I usually delete the 27 Fling Boogies! Do what works for you!

Finally, FlyLady has begun Beginner Baby Steps for those who struggle with the sheer volume of e-mails at the beginning. You can read these baby steps here. They take you one tiny step at a time, gradually easing you into the program. Give it a try! They give you a good balance to get you started.

I told Carolyn this may take 5 different parts! I don't think it will take that much, but I'll post some more as I have the chance.

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The Writer said...

I know the feeling, "This fly lady is crazy..." "I don't know where to start..." "...but she's never seen MY house!"

and then I hear, in a sing song voice, "Just 15 minutes"