Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Busy Day - Again

I don't seem to have anything other than busy days anymore! But that's a good thing. My Granny used to say, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop" and I guess there's some truth to that. If I'm busy with good things I don't have time to get into trouble!

We went to the thrift store this morning and bought $72 worth of clothes for $36. I got a new skirt, two tops, and a dressy blouse. The boys got some shirts and jackets and my daughter got a skirt, and my dh bought a couple of those insulated carafes for church fellowships. I dearly love thrift store sales, but this one was crowded and hot; I got in and out as fast as I could.

At home I did my home blessing for the day, dusting the furniture, and checked all my cabinets and drawers for organizing problems and fixed those. Both of these jobs took about 25 minutes total. I settled for that since we were gone this morning. I got two loads of laundry done, too; one of those was the clothes we bought today.

Yesterday, my daughter asked if she could wash her Winnie the Pooh comforter, and I said yes. It got unbalanced while it was spinning and water went everywhere! She ended up in there with a mop, wringing the water out into a bucket. I was glad it was on the final rinse and we didn't have to hold our breath for another spin!

Another thing I'm busy with is a school-year program we're doing with the children of our church on Wednesday nights, called Patch the Pirate Club. It's about music and learning godly character. I'm SO excited to be doing it, but it's also something new, so I'm over-preparing right now to make sure we're absolutely ready. My second son, age 14, will be helping me with it. He'll be "Captain Andrew!" LOL He likes getting to be a captain - he's such a fun-loving guy that he'll really ham it up with this Captain deal, and I think the kids will love it!

We homeschool, and school starts tomorrow, so I've also been getting curriculum set up and calendars planned. I'm ready to get back into the routine of school! Add to that being a Sunday school teacher, and I'm doing lots of teaching, planning, and studying in one week. It's a busy life, but I love being a wife, mom, and teacher!

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