Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bright and Perky This Morning!

I'm bright and perky, but then again, so is the weather outside! I've lived in Vancouver for a year now, and I did fine with the rain last winter, so why am I having a hard time this fall? It's only rained a couple of days in September so far, and I'm already falling apart on rainy days!

So far today, I've put on a pot of beans to cook. If you know me, you know I hate beans, but my dh loves them, so I cook them once every couple of weeks. However, I usually forget to put them on to soak the night before, and I also forget to quick soak them by boiling them and letting them sit for an hour in the early morning. My dh is convinced I forget just because I don't like beans! LOL I don't think so . . . but anyway, this morning I remembered to quick soak them, and now I have a huge crockpot of beans cooking on the counter.

I have one load of clothes finished drying, and one in the washer. So far, so good on the laundry. I'm about to go get started on my zone and home blessing jobs for today. I've been fiddling around on the computer this morning.

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