Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Day

It's Wednesday again already! My home blessing for today is mopping the floors. I'm finished with that and cleaning out the fridge (I was pleasntly surprised that there was so little in the fridge that needed to go) and my laundry is in the dryer. I had been letting the clothes that need ironing pile up, so I took care of those this morning too. The load in the dryer has a couple of things that will need ironing, so I left the ironing board set up for them.

We're having guests on Sunday, a family with 6 children. They are all 12 and under - we're going to have fun! My daughter loves babies, and this family's baby is a little boy. She's already looking forward to having fun with him. The dad will be preaching for us in our morning service. I'm going to fix 2 crockpots of Egg Noodle Lasagna, a salad, and 2 loaves of French bread for dinner. I'm not sure about dessert yet, but I know it'll be something simple to fix and that has lots of servings!


flute said...

Does that egg noodle lasagna really come out in the crockpot?

I've tried noodles before in the crock and have failed. (although they were raw, not pre-cooked)

What am I doing wrong?

Susan said...

Flute, this is a great recipe! I've never had it go wrong. I don't know that you're doing anything wrong! Maybe you could try this one - it makes a huge amount in one crockpot. Our family of 5 adult-size people always has leftovers. Let me know how it turns out!

AzureLynn said...

Hey, stopped by again. Thank you for leaving a note at my blog. I do not get to watch Dr.Phil, and its good that he recommended FLYLady! Hope you had a good day!