Saturday, September 24, 2005

Almost Finished

I have everything done that I had planned to do today. I think I may have some ironing left upstairs, but that will keep till Monday. My husband was thrilled with the pies - he loves my apple pie, and he said the crust was really good. Sunday school stuff is ready to go out the door in the morning; I'll just go over the story and class schedule again in the morning.

Now I'm off to get what I can ready for the crockpot for dinner tomorrow, so all I'll have to do in the morning is brown the meat and put it all together. I'll thaw some rolls - the last of the batch I made this week, so I'll have to make more Monday or Tuesday, I suppose. The problem with spoiling your family is . . . they get spoiled! LOL

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O Beautiful Mother said...

Way to go!! GIve yourself a big hug from me!!