Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Using a Couple of My New Widgets

It's Wednesday already! Time is sure flying by this week, no pun intended. I ran errands with my dh Monday, and yesterday he took me to a mall in WA that has a Kay's Jewelers. He bought my anniversary band and a necklace at a Kay's so I have to go there for inspecting and cleaning every six months. Now isn't that an awful thing to have to do? LOL I enjoy the drive down, which is about an hour, give or take a few minutes depending on the border crossing, and I enjoy going to a couple of favorite stores that aren't available here in Canada. But . . . that's not what I want to write about today.

I downloaded the timer widget for my computer, as I said on Sunday. This has been a lifesaver for me! Anytime I get on the computer during the day, I've begun to make it a habit to set my timer for the amount of time I feel that I have to be online. It has a couple of other alarm settings than the default, but they were too easy on me. One of them sounds like the Yahoo alert when someone has sent me an IM. The other two are short, sweet sounds that I won't pay a lick of attention to! So I kept it on Alarm. It only beeps for about 5 seconds, but it's enough to bring me back to reality and help me realize I have a life out here.

The other widget that I didn't realize came with the Konfabulator is a To Do List. Now, I wasn't real happy to see that to start with. I have my Control Journal, where all my lists are written down, and I have a paper list that I make each morning, so I didn't think I needed this computer ToDo list. The problem was, though, that I wasn't getting my lists done. Some days I don't even open my Control Journal, thinking I have it all down anyway. But I was always forgetting to do something. So I thought I'd just open my Control Journal and put the things I had to do for Monday on the ToDo list. The list has a priority setting for each item entered, so I made my Home Blessing for the day and my Zone job the highest priorities. Then I added any other little things that came to mind for the day, including the laundry and what loads I wanted to wash. At the end of the day, I only had 2 things left that didn't get done, and those were things that were low priority that really could wait till the next day. I was pleased with that, so I did it again today. I'm pleased to say that all my planned housework is done for the day, dinner preparations are underway, and the only priority things left on the list are things that I can do this afternoon without affecting my routine, mostly laundry.

So I'm learning to love my online list - it works because I come to my computer often throughout the day. It's always on my desktop, staring me in the face! I even remembered to find my jewelry paperwork for that trip to WA yesterday - because I put it on my list and it was right in front of me! I had resisted using it because it seemed redundant, when I already had my Control Journal, but I had myself on a cycle - don't make the list, look it up; forget to look it up; but don't make the list - it's written down already! LOL It doesn't do much good to have the lists in my Control Journal if I'm not opening it and using them! This has been a good lesson for me - use what works!

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