Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nutritional Procrastination, Too

This essay just slapped me in the face! LOL How did they know I always decide to eat something I shouldn't or put off making healthy foods "just this once?" I have diabetes, so I'm well-versed on what I should be eating. I know that I shouldn't have a cookie "just this once" yet I do it many times a week. Someday all those just-this-once's are going to add up, and I'll be in trouble - in the hospital or worse. Then where will my family be?

This week I've kind of turned around on my eating. I've been eating salads for lunch and supper, and fruit for breakfast. I have added milk and a little chicken, but overall I've been eating mostly vegetables. I'm not all that hungry (maybe because my body's nutritional needs are better satisfied?) and although I haven't lost any weight to speak of, I feel lighter and more clear-headed than when I load up on carbs. I don't think I could do this indefinitely, but I do believe I can add a little meat and a few more healthy carbs back in.

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