Friday, August 19, 2005

A Good FlyWeek - and Schedules

This week was pretty productive, FlyLady speaking! I got jobs done in the Zone, and things ran pretty smoothly this week. I am actually ready for school to begin again (we homeschool) so that we're all back in a regular routine. I'm also ready for fall. I love fall! I love to bundle up and be cozy, and that's easy to do here in the lower mainland of BC, where it rains for months at a time!

Do you follow any kind of a schedule? I ordered Managers of Their Homes several years ago, and so far I've done well at not following a schedule! LOL I have so many things on my "hope to do" list that I believe having a schedule will help me get some things accomplished this fall and winter. I read somewhere that we should not prioritize the things on our schedule, but schedule our priorities. I'm trying to do that this fall - not just have a bunch of things on my to-do list and try to prioritize them all, but to only have my priorities on my list. A schedule done in the MOTH fashion does just that! Now I'm getting excited about getting a schedule set up!

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