Sunday, August 14, 2005

Did You Ever See a Widget?

My husband told me the other day about some widgets he found online. He's a computer guy (US Air Force programmer for 7 years), so he's always finding some neat little thingamabob that he likes. I wasn't paying a huge amount of attention - most of the computer things he gets a charge out of I really don't care for - until he mentioned a timer - that got my attention!

I suppose I should explain what a widget is, in case you're like me and don't have a clue. From my limited understanding, a widget is a little file that runs little things on your desktop, like a weather report, a calculator, a clock - anything you want it to run. I started out at File Hippo, where I downloaded a Konfabulator (scroll down to the area titled "Desktop"), which is where the widgets are. You have to have the Konfabulator for the widgets to run, and it's easy and quick to install on your computer. After it's installed, go to to find their widget gallery and find all kinds of widgets, some useful and some not so useful. I downloaded several widgets for my desktop: a calendar, a weather report for my city, a thesaurus (I'm a word freak!), a water minder (has 8 dots that you click on to monitor your water intake for the day), and a TIMER! They are transparent and just sit on your desktop; you can click through them if they're over an icon.

The reason the timer caught my attention is because I have an incredible lack of time perception when I am online. I can spend an hour and think it's only been 5 minutes! So . . . I wanted a timer for my desktop so I can let myself know when my time online is up. What a great tool for a FlyBaby, huh?!?! Now I just need to actually get off the computer when my timer beeps . . .

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