Sunday, August 28, 2005

Attacking Clutter

Crystal is writing about attacking the clutter monster. She has some of the same ideas as FlyLady, so it will be familiar, but a different voice. You know: your mom could tell you something 500 times, and you wouldn't listen, but if your teacher at school said it, it was the gospel truth! LOL So here's another voice helping us with all that clutter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the website. I am a SAHM who's DH is getting ready to deploy. He is active duty army. I have 2 children under the age of 3. I was reading the flylady boards yesterday and found your blog. I read it then I went to MA and fell in love with it! Thanks so much for sharing these things! I would have never found the MA website had it not been for you! I love the fact that she includes God in her daily activities! I am hoping this will get me on the right track! Thanks again!

Susan said...

I'm so glad the MA stuff is what you were looking for. I hesitated to post it, because my blog is mostly for FlyLady stuff, but then I thought - this is my blog, and I can post whatever I want to! LOL

I wish you and your husband well with his deployment. My husband was in the US Air Force for 10 years, part of that during Desert Storm. Praise God, he never had to deploy, but my heart goes out to those families who do have to be separated by deployments. Thank you for your sacrifice, and God bless you. Thank you for reading!